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Finally, some good news

Posted by Christopher Dann
Friday December 2, 2011
Categories: Research

When the early tallies of black Friday retailing were reported on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the question was whether they represented pent-up shopping urges and an attitude of gloom-be-damned or a genuine turning of consumer confidence. Confirmation came earlier this week that there has indeed been a turn in consumer confidence.  The picture has looked so bad for so long that it’s nice to see what the rise in confidence looks like:

Indexes below 70 don’t give us reason to relax, but a relatively dramatic turn, especially at this critical time in the fundraising year, certainly offers hope.

Such news prompts us to remember that a good number of those whose support lapsed over the drawn out time of the recession did so out of lack of confidence in the economy and not because they lost their regard for your organization. It’s time to remind them, and fortunately with email there’s a medium available to do that quickly and efficiently.

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