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What Are Our Best Prospects Worried About?

Posted by Christopher Dann
Thursday May 30, 2013
Categories: Fundraising, Gallup, Statistics

We have frequently advanced the thesis that the bull’s eye of fundraising’s target market is people from the ages of 45 to 64, more precisely those between 50 and 64. These are the ages in which people have the most money at their discretion; and since all giving is voluntary it depends on discretionary income.

When we look at fundraising performance, and it’s not what we expected it to be, it helps to know what’s on our donors’ minds. We often reference the Consumer Confidence Index as a reliable barometer of donor disposition. Earlier this month the Gallup organization released findings from their annual Economy and Personal Finance Survey that adds valuable perspective.

Table1As part of their survey, Gallup asked their national probability sample how much they worry about eight different personal financial matters. In general, those most worried about most of the eight topics were people age 50 to 64.  At right are the percentages for very and moderately worried, by age range, for the eight personal financial matters.

Gallup’s data helps us narrow this perspective by looking at the same financial matters from the standpoint of household income.  They reported five ranges, but since discretionary income is most likely to be found in the top three of the five, we’ll just show those here:

Table2Think of these percentages as magnitude of wind in our faces. It takes a lot more skill and finesse to sail into the wind than is does to sail with the wind behind you.

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