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Make Room for Charity Facilitators

Posted by Christopher Dann
Wednesday January 30, 2013
Categories: Charity Facilitators, Fundraising

In a paper we are circulating today, Mananging Disruptive and Transformative Changes in the Media of Fundraising, we describe the new, internet-spawned charity facilitator as having both disruptive and transformative impact on the nonprofit sector.

A charity facilitator is an entity whose purpose is to connect donors to organizations, projects, and people doing good work. For the most part, these new web-based enterprises are facilitating connections to the developing world. www.globalgving.org and www.givingwhatyoucan.org are good examples. But some – most prominently www.guidestar.org and www.greatnonprofits.org  – focus domestically.

Whether an organization regards charity facilitators as threat or opportunity at present, the fact is they are bound to grow in influence over future giving. To the extent they undermine middleman organizations or employ questionable criteria for selecting candidate beneficiaries, they pose a threat. To the extent they bring internet traffic to organizations that don’t have the means to do that themselves and welcome the help of facilitation, they offer opportunity.

In either case, we must also pay attention to two ways in which charity facilities could cause great mischief. One is adopting a crowd-source Yelp or Zagat approach to grading charities. It’s hard to foresee any real good coming of that. The other is promoting direct funding of projects in the developing world simply on the basis of maintaining that donors can achieve more good with their charity.

Charity facilitators and the disruptive and mischievous effects they can have underscore once again the need for organizations to better account for themselves to their donors and to market themselves better to the donors they would like to have.  It’s a given that no one can tell an organization’s story better.

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