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Paradigm Shifting Case Study

Posted by Christopher Dann
Wednesday July 11, 2012
Categories: CPB, Fundraising

On June 20 the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) released a report, Alternative Sources of Funding for Public Broadcasting Stations, prepared under the directive of H.R. 2055 for House and Senate Committees on Appropriations.

If you are in public broadcasting, this is a must-read report. If you are in a management position in any nonprofit organization or a student aiming in that direction, this is a should-read report.

The report is the product of collaboration between the CPB and Booz & Company. While it aims – and we think succeeds masterfully – in making the case for continued Federal support of public broadcasting, its value is in its comprehensive form and substance. It is, therefore, a good template for anyone asking about the prospects of alternative funding for any nonprofit organization.

And, coincidentally, since it is focused on public media enterprises, the report provides very useful documentation of alternative media enterprises including digital publishing, subscriptions, development and marketing of apps, sales of DVDs and CDs, and other means and media of monetizing content.

The authors were, moreover and most importantly, careful at every juncture of question or issue to bear in mind and remind the reader of relevance to or variance from public broadcasting mission.

It’s terrific that this report is published. It’s not obvious where one finds it on the CPB website. But just go to www.cpb.org and type Alternative Sources of Funding in the search bar and it will appear, readily downloadable.

N.B. What the report doesn’t address – and didn’t aim to – is improving productivity of current sources of funding. There’s significant opportunity in that regard for public broadcasting.

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