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Buzzword du Jour: Integration

Posted by Christopher Dann
Wednesday March 2, 2011
Categories: Integrated Fundraising

What can we learn from all this talk about integrating media in fundraising? Perhaps that most fundraising is driven by tactics, not strategy. Or that sellers of media are more influential than the experienced fundraisers who buy it.

Successful fundraising is built on clear strategic goals: keep as many donors as possible, encourage them to give more, and attract new donors above the rate of attrition.

When planning starts with strategy, integrated use of media follows as seamlessly as the batteries and gasoline engines inside a hybrid. If Toyota were a typical nonprofit organization, the Prius would come off the assembly line with its power sources not only unconnected but technologically incompatible.

What’s going wrong here is not so much lack of integration as lack of strategic direction. Witness this myopia in the board member’s declaration that all fundraising should be online. Hear it in territorial disputes over what fundraising program gets credit for what contributions. And see it in the moated castles – silo is too soft a term – where online specialists spend their workdays.


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