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Take Action by November 3

Posted by Christopher Dann
Monday October 31, 2011
Categories: Fundraising, Take Action

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction – the so-called Super Committee – is mandated to wrap up its work before Thanksgiving.  The future of tax deductibility of charitable contributions is on the table, and the time for you to express your organization’s position is now. We are advised to urge you to do by this coming Thursday.

As we wrote a couple months ago, there has been a lot of knee-jerk reacting to the notion of changing, reducing, or eliminating the charitable tax deduction.  But when all is said, it strikes us as patently foolish to leave the matter to this Congressional committee acting as they are under horrendous time and political pressure. We don’t even want them casting a dye for future, more reasoned deliberations.

The easiest and most forceful thing you can do is sign on to the letter offered at this site: http://www.givevoice.org/letter. Check out the company you’ll be keeping – those organizations who have already signed on – and then join them.

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